multi-purpose-action-figure said : Awww the Tae and Miles reunion was so cute!!!! I'm so happy they back together for now anyway. But anyway them cops ain't have to be that damn rough with Tae and Chris SMH bruh you fucked up with what you said though :/ Travis you are SCUM for that. 



Ikr! And right, the cops were doing way too much smh. And yea Chris really doesn’t think about what he’s doing or saying when he’s mad :/ Travis is an idiot and really shouldn’t have been taking care of Miles in the first place. Miles is going to remember all the fucked up things Travis did.

That’s terrible for miles because when he gets older all that anger that he has towards his father is gonna come out on the wrong people. I hope Tae isn’t one of them I love the bond that they have and its so adorable that he calls her mommy.

Yep, it really is … Miles is quiet now but loud noises & arguing are gonna really scare him. Hopefully he doesn’t take his anger out on anyone but he still is a child :/ so temper tantrums will come. But yes their bond is unbreakable and so cute 😩😍. He was missuing his mommy for a long time .

multi-purpose-action-figure said : Awww the Tae and Miles reunion was so cute!!!! I'm so happy they back together for now anyway. But anyway them cops ain't have to be that damn rough with Tae and Chris SMH bruh you fucked up with what you said though :/ Travis you are SCUM for that. 

Ikr! And right, the cops were doing way too much smh. And yea Chris really doesn’t think about what he’s doing or saying when he’s mad :/ Travis is an idiot and really shouldn’t have been taking care of Miles in the first place. Miles is going to remember all the fucked up things Travis did.

Imma just wait on feedback ….

Sulking Batman



Chris’s breathing didn’t get that much better so I tried to calm him down. I gently rubbed his back in a circular motion as he tried to catch his breath. Chris pushed me away even though I was attempting to help him, then he stood up.

Chris stuffed his inhaler in his pocket and walked off. I swear sometimes it feels like there’s never a moment he isn’t mad at me. Crying right now wouldn’t fix anything and going to help Brandon wouldn’t either. I needed to fix this relationship.

I quickly ran after Chris and stopped in front of him. He gave me the biggest eye roll ever and tried to walk around me. I grabbed his arm and that’s when things started to keep going downhill.

“Yo get the fuck off me Tae! Didn’t I tell you I don’t want to see yo ass right now!”

“Chris I’m sorry…”

“You’re only saying that because we fought.…Fuck your weak ass apology and fuck you!


“I hate you; just leave me the fuck alone! You don’t even love me you just love this lifestyle; all you hoes are the same! I should have known you love the money from the jump. I should’ve listened to all the warnings people gave me about you. You ain’t nothing but a hoe! So get off my dick and go hop on that niggas!”

That’s when the tears started coming down yet again.  I couldn’t even respond because of how hard I started crying. I do love Chris and I always will, but obviously he doesn’t believe it anymore because of my stupid decisions. In his eyes I was nothing but a hoe. He put me in that category and now I will forever be that to him.

I just kept my head down and moved out his way, there was nothing I could do anymore…..

About 15 loud shots came from inside the house and second’s later people came running outside screaming. This house party was huge so it took a while for everyone to get out.

Minutes later, loud sirens started to come from down the street. I wiped more of my tears and saw the blue and red lights coming straight to the house party.  Police cars were everywhere closing off the only way to get out the neighborhood. My heart started to beat faster in my chest because I was now by myself and I never feel safe and secure around cops.

An older cop approached me with his gun pointed directly at my head. I don’t know why he had to have his gun out and even pointed at my fucking head but I obeyed his rules. He was being every rough with me yelling and screaming what to do. He told me to put my hands up, so I did. I’m guessing I put them up too fast because he shot at me.

He purposely missed and shot at a tree. At this point, I was shaking with fear and crying. I was already at an emotional state before all this and his yelling was making it worse.

“Stop fucking crying and get on the ground slowly!”

His yelling was somewhat like Chris’s but so much worse.  I slowly got on my knees first but before I could get all the way down, I was hit on my side. The pain on my side was excruciating and the hit was so unnecessary. Another cop had tackled me down and put handcuffs on me. When he tackled me, my head landed strait on the concrete. After that, everything was a blur…….


I woke up in a dirty ass jail cell and the pain that was going through my head made me feel like I was going to pass out. I don’t even understand why I was arrested in the first place. The cell had a little bed, a sink, a toilet, and a small mirror.

Getting up off the bed, I went straight to the mirror to start looking at myself. I gasped loudly….I had cuts and bruises all along the side of my face. Thinking back to the party, I could remember everything besides what happened after the cop slammed me on the floor.

My head was hurting me more and more each second so I sat on the bed. Hours passed by and

I was beginning to feel sick.  Being in such a small space wasn’t good for anyone.




Tonight pissed me all the way off. Lashontae has really pushed me to the point where I called her out of her name.  How the fuck do you not know if you love someone? Why the fuck did she think it was okay to even come after me after our first argument today?

She wanna act single and fuck around, then I’ll let her do just that. I’m done saying sorry for shit and I’m done being the reason she cries. Let that nigga take care of her because I sure as hell won’t do it anymore.

As she stood in my way, her tears fell down quickly and she held her head down. In the moment I didn’t regret what I said but later on I know I would kind of feel bad about it. I walked around her and minutes later I was down the street to where I was parked. As I unlocked my car, I heard multiple gun shots. The shit scared the fuck out of me to be honest.

My first thought was Tae and was she okay and I know it’s fucked up but my pride wouldn’t let me go back and check on her. I just got in my car and drove off.

Going down the street, the police and an ambulance zoomed in the opposite direction. At this point, I had to turn around. Fuck how I’m feeling right now; I had to make sure Tae got out of there safely. I made a sharp U-turn and sped down the street quick enough to catch up with the police. They blocked off the street so I just parked somewhere. Before I got out my car I heard another gunshot and it made me move even faster. I followed the sound the shot came from and I saw Tae on her knees with a cop having his gun pointed towards her head. He was screaming at her telling her to do a million different things at once. Before I could say anything, another cop tackled her to the ground. The sound of her body hitting the ground made me ball up my fists.

Tae almost immediately passed out. 


The cop told me to back up but I held my ground. He put handcuffs on Tae and roughly picked her up. She wasn’t looking good at all. The side of her face was bleeding and that just pissed me off even more.

“She’s not conscious! Can you stop being so fucking rough! Damn ya’ll chill!”

Next thing I know, my friends are pulling me back and screaming lets go. I kept my eyes on Tae as they pulled me back.  The cops shoved her into the car and sped off.


Hood drove me home and everybody came over to meet up. I sat in my chair in silence as they talked about what happened. I didn’t want to talk about it; I just wanted to make sure Tae was okay. Why the fuck was she arrested in the first place? My mind was spinning and I was going crazy thinking about her.

Maybe If I stayed with her then this would have never happened.

My phone rang and it was an unknown number. Usually I don’t answer unknown numbers but for this situation I was prepared for anything.


“Chris … oh my god is this you?” Her voice was shaky and she was whispering.

“Baby are you okay? Where are you?”

“I can’t talk for long but I’m in the Novina Jail, I’ve never even heard of it before but can you please get me out of here?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

There was a pause on the phone. I just couldn’t hold it in, I had to say it.

“Tae….I love you so much”

“I love you too”

Then I heard someone’s voice in the background and Tae quickly told me she had to go. When she hung up, I felt a little bit better. It’s been hours since I got home and everybody was knocked out. I decided to go by myself because I wanted to make sure Lashontae was alright.

I used the gps on my phone to find where this jail was. It actually wasn’t too far from my house so I was there within twenty minutes. 

Once I was in the jail, I told them who I was and who I was looking for. They made me sign hella papers and eventually told me I didn’t have to actually bail her out. Apparently the cops that arrested Tae thought she was the one who shot somebody at the party. After being at the jail for an hour, they finally released Tae. When she was finally out, she ran up to me and jumped in my arms. I swear I’ve never hugged her this tight before.

“Baby are you okay?” I asked because one side of Tae’s face looked like it was swollen.

“I’m okay, it’s just my head is killing me.”

“Ight, let’s go to the hospital now.”

The car side was silent but we actually held hands the entire time. I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever we go through something, it always brings us closer together.


Hours later, we were laid up in my bed just talking. The doctors said she was fine and gave her some medicine to relieve the pain she was having. The medicine had her knocked out but now she was finally wide awake next to me.



“I miss Miles….”

We never really had a deep conversation about Miles after he left with his dad. I could tell she was devastated when he had to go but she never expressed how she felt about it. Of course I missed him too because that’s family. He’s been gone for a long time. 

“Me too baby, but I don’t think we can get him back.”

“Chris I know I can take care of him better though, I just feel like I abandoned him.”

“It wasn’t up to you; he had to go with his father.”

“I know but I just wish I could at least visit him, I miss my baby so much.”

Tae pouted and I just wrapped my arms around her. I kissed the back of her neck and closed my eyes.



Taking care of a child is so hard. I don’t know how women do it. Miles isn’t a bad kid at all; he just whines and cries every single night when it’s time for bed.  Ever since I took him from Tae, he just looked sad. Honestly, the only time I see him smile is when the cartoons are on.

I was currently sitting on the couch next to him and out of nowhere he burst out into tears. He was really starting to piss me off with that shit.

“Yo stop fucking crying damn!”

He cried even louder and this time he really just made me go crazy!

“I want my mommy!”

He doesn’t have a fucking mom and he always says that shit. It’s just him, daddy and daddy’s hoes. I’m tired of doing this shit by myself.  I just lost it and started hitting him………

He tried to run away but the kid just wasn’t fast enough. I struck him across his face and his cries immediately stopped.

His mom was dead and she left me this shit. I should have never started taking care of him. He’s so stupid. Why’d I even take him back?




Chris’s mother was coming to visit and she was staying  for a whole week. I still wasn’t living with Chris but I was over there every single day. We were on good terms but I told him what he said to me the night of the shooting was disrespectful and unnecessary. He agreed and told me how sorry he was every day.  I wasn’t over it but Chris was spending more time with me and putting in a lot more effort.

Ms. Joyce arrived with her sister Ms. Christine, I smiled and gave hugs until I noticed a little boy holding onto Joyce’s leg tightly.

I bent down and smiled.

“Who is this little cutie?” nobody answered me.  He had a little blanket in one hand and he pulled it closer to him as I bent down. I noticed bruises all on his face and some on his arms. I stretched my arms out to him and he began to cry and scream loudly.

I bit my lip and stood back up. 

As Chris talked to his mom and aunt, I went upstairs to go do my hair. I took my hair out of a high ponytail and let all my hair fall down. My wand was already on so I began to wand my hair. In about twenty minutes, I was done and my hair was laid.

Going back downstairs, the little boy was by the steps and he looked up at me. He smiled and showed all his teeth, I immediately recognized who he was and he now recognized me. My baby was back and he got so big! I picked him up and he held onto me tightly. I can’t believe he was here, it was like a dream come true…..


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