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Anonymous asked: Yes

Just did it

Should I take those pics down? 😕


The mugshots are from last year when he got arrested in D.C. Anyways, who sold them to the media?

An awful person .

People on twitter are saying those pictures are actually from his DC arrest. So these aren’t new pictures, they are from last year.




See the Media Knows nothing about CB ..

Ne-Yo is so not hear for TMZ BS

The fact that the camera man was like it’s a little bit of over kill for what they are doing to him……hmmmmmm

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“@spicewon : Flashback Friday. Y’all already know what it is. #iju”


@spicewon : Flashback Friday. Y’all already know what it is. #iju

I expect to have highs and lows, that’s life. I am open to every day and to every experience. I’m only 24. I have a long way to go and I embrace that journey.

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Anonymous asked: It's honestly heartbreaking what chris has had to go through these past couple years. I don't understand why people think they can judge him for something he's done just because he's famous. They need to let him go and concentrate on real criminals that are out there freely raping and killing people. Got your back all the way CB ❤️